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antimicrobial resistance

The focus of this joint program is on identifying and supporting through funding and other means, a 360 degree portfolio of cutting-edge deep-science solutions, across AMR and the larger One Health domain spanning Food and Agriculture, Environment and Healthcare. This joint program aims to ensure societal impact by supporting deep-science innovations for deployment through investment, mentorship and network enablement.


The program will fund pre-equity seed stage startups through a Revolving Fund.  


The program will build a balanced portfolio of cutting-edge futuristic deep-science solutions, across the One Health domain, as well as solutions that can be taken to the market within a shorter time frame and can demonstrate immediate social impact.


The overall vision is to make this program the cradle for world-leading start-ups in the domain of AMR over the next 5 years.



Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been identified by WHO as one of the top ten global health threats claiming 700,000 lives per year globally with a projected fatality rate of 10 million per year by 2050. While India is one of the leading nations from the Global South in research towards AMR mitigation, deep science entrepreneurial efforts to deliver these emerging solutions from bench to bedside have shown a serious lacuna.


This unaddressed gap led to a new partnership between the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms or C-CAMP, a premier biotech research and innovation hub with a legacy of fostering globally recognized AMR technologies, and the SBI Foundation.  The partnership established a joint program in AMR innovation to support systems and frameworks to advance the development, translation and scale-up of indigenous deep science entrepreneurship in the AMR domain. This program is under the aegis of the global India AMR Innovation hub or IAIH platform also anchored by C-CAMP & chaired by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser.


Launched in October 2023, this joint program in AMR innovations will identify innovations in the field of AMR and ensure societal, ground impact through investment, scaling up, commercialization, and deployment solutions.

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AMR Challenge 2024

To achieve the vision of this program to build a balanced portfolio of cutting-edge futuristic deep-science solutions, spanning across Food and Agriculture, Environment and Healthcare One Health domain Grand challenges will be floated to identify deep-tech innovations in the field of AMR.

AMR challenge

Funding opportunities through a Revolving Fund for pre-equity seed stage startups


Access to Conferences, C-Camp events & workshops


Personalized mentorship, IP & regulatory guidance

Benifits for Innovators

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