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What is Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the phenomenon of microorganisms developing the ability to stop the action of antimicrobial drugs from working against the microorganisms. The relentless growth of drug-resistant microorganisms, commonly known as superbugs, is a global public health threat.


C-CAMP has recognized the significance of AMR and is working towards fostering and amplifying R&D efforts in the AMR space. C-CAMP startups & individuals currently working on innovations tackling AMR are under three verticals: Preventatives, Diagnostics & New Drugs.


Event updates:


Human AMR

One Health

AMR in Environment


Surveillance & Public Health Preparedness

IAIH was conceptualized & is driven by C-CAMP, to enable India to urgently step up its response to the emerging health emergency of AMR. It is a unique Convergent Think Tank on AMR Interventions, with Indian & global stakeholders - Government, Academia, Industry, Philanthropic & not-for-profit organizations, coming together to boost consolidation & fast-tracking national efforts against AMR for a larger global health impact

WAAH! Accelerator

SBI Foundation &

C-CAMP AMR Program

AMR global

Accelerator Partners:

An Indo-European platform, anchored by C-CAMP, for Antimicrobial Resistance mitigation through a One Health Perspective under the aegis of IAIH.

In its current format, it is a Tripartite Indo-Dutch-Swiss collaboration platform. C-CAMP being the Indian partner, Swissnex India representing Switzerland, and NAPD & AMR-Global representing the Netherlands.

C-CAMP in partnership with SBI foundation, under the aegis of the IAIH platform, has established a program in AMR innovation to support systems and frameworks to advance the development, translation & scale-up of indigenous deep science entrepreneurship in the AMR domain. 

This program focuses on identifying and supporting through funding & other means, a 360 degree portfolio of cutting-edge deep-science solutions, across AMR and the larger One Health domain spanning Food and Agriculture, Environment and Healthcare. 

SBI Foundation

AMR challenge 2024!

To achieve the vision of this program to build a balanced portfolio of cutting-edge futuristic deep-science solutions nation wide challenges will be floated to identify Deep-tech innovations in the field of AMR.

Innovators stand to gain personalized technical mentorship, IP and regulatory guidance, access to conferences, C-CAMP events and workshops, and funding opportunities through a Revolving Fund for pre-equity seed stage startups.



Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator is a global nonprofit partnership focused on supporting the development of new antibacterial products. It is the world's largest public-private partnership dedicated to accelerating antibacterial research to tackle the global rising threat of drug-resistant bacteria

Global accelerator network (GAN)

C-CAMP has been selected by CARB-X for its prestigious Global Accelerator Network (GAN), a league of 10 world-class organizations to combat anti-microbial resistance (AMR). C-CAMP is the only accelerator in the CARB-X GAN outside of the USA and Europe.

GAN is a network of accelerators around the world to provide scientific, technical and business support to CARB-X-funded product developers. It provides scientific, technical and business support to CARB-X-funded product developers around the world.

Global accelerator network GAN

2023 cohort:

C-CAMP conducts annual idea challenges called C-CAMP AMR Quest as part of CARBX-GAN. It Identifies and rewards innovative ideas and solutions in the AMR domain with a focus on ESKAPE pathogens and presents opportunities for the development and commercialization of these.

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